Easy School Year Rental

What You Get

  • Free Repairs: Our Repair and Replacement Coverage is included with every instrument for the school year, FREE! We will repair anything that hinders the playability of your child’s instrument at no charge.
  • Top Quality Name Brand Instruments such as Yamaha, Glaesel, Meisel and others.
  • Easy Return or Exchange: Change your mind? No problem. Our Easy Return or Exchange option makes it a breeze to swap out your child’s instrument with your band directors guidance.
  • No Monthly Payments, Interest, or Other Fees: No surprises here. Your Rental Agreement clearly spells out the details.

What You Need

One easy payment and it’s yours for the school year!

  1. Rental Payment
  2. Rental Paperwork
  3. Credit or Debit Card
Standard (Used)Standard (New)Premium (Used)Premium (New)
Violin // 1/16~4/4$129$159$159$249
Viola // 12~16-1/2$129$159$189$249
Cello // 1/2~4/4$249$399$399$499
Bass // 3/4 American Full Size$349$499--------

Premium Purchase

You’re saving 35% off the list price!

One School Year of Repair Coverage: We will fix anything that hinders the playability of your child’s instrument at no charge to you.

Parent Friendly Return Option: Return the instrument at any time – Simply pay what the rent would have been and receive a refund for the balance! Never pay more than if you had rented!

Purchase a NEW Name Brand or Quality House student instrument and get your 35% Preferred Customer Discount off the retail price!

Violins starting at only $299!

Many other instruments available!