The Powell “Sonare” PS51BOFK Professional model flute features a handmade sterling silver signature Powell Signature head joint, silver plated body and foot joint, silver plated Y arm French style keys and Elgiloy alloy springs. This flute retains qualities from the Signature series flutes important to the acoustic quality using patented Zinki technology.

Handmade Sterling Silver Powell Signature Headjoint
Silver Plated Body and Footjoint
Aurumite 9k Lip Plate
Drawn Tone Holes
French (open hole)
Dapped (Y-arm) Keys
Stainless Steel Springs
B Footjoint
Deluxe Case Included

*All step-up instruments are covered by Star City Music’s 90 day repair coverage. We will repair your instrument excluding catastrophic damage to ensure it is playable and functioning for proper use.