We offer products on many marketplaces

Star City Music and our parent company, Mouthpiece Express, have been offering instruments, accessories, and services on the internet to our local customers as well as our national and international customers since 1997.  Please check out our offerings on your favorite marketplaces. The links below will take you to our storefronts on all of your favorite sites!

If you swing by our store in person at 2030 East Main Street in Salem, Virginia, you can save even more!

Mouthpiece Express
Our largest marketplace, offering custom mouthpiece engraving and plating
Star City Drum Shop
Our marketplace, and physical store, specializing in all things percussion
Mouthpiece Express on Amazon
Shop our product offerings on Amazon
JR's Music Depot
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Mouthpiece Express on eBay
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Star City Drum Shop on eBay
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Tim's Tagworks
Order a custom wooden tag for your instrument case! Hundreds of designs available!