The Sovereign 968 euphoniums with their lively response, “classic” BESSON tone and wonderful valve action are known and trusted by players all over the world. The Sovereign euphoniums are slightly lighter in weight than the Prestige models, providing a very open and free-blowing feel with an immediacy of response that appeals to many musicians. All the Sovereign models are large bore four-valve compensating instruments, with the bell size of the 968 slightly smaller than the 967.

Key : Bb
Bore : .590″ / 14,98 mm
Bell : Hand made yellow brass 11″/ 280 mm
Valves : 4 compensating valves (3+1) in stainless steel
Waterkeys : 3
Features : Removable water catcher, special valve springs, fixed lyre box
Outfit : Shaped ABS case with wooden frame, Alliance mouthpiece, micro-fiber cloth, valve oil, lyre
Finish : Silver plated

*All step-up instruments are covered by Star City Music’s 90 day repair coverage. We will repair your instrument excluding catastrophic damage to ensure it is playable and functioning for proper use.